Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Firm has broad experience in representing clients in conncetion with death or serious injuries stemming from motor vehicle accidents and is currently representing among others, the estate of a 30-year old wife and mother killed in a tractor-trailer accident in Phoenix, Arizona; the estate of a 21-year old wife and mother killed when a Ford Explorer in which she was a passenger rolled over in New York City; and the estate of a 24 year old man killed by a drunk driver in Chelsea, MA.

Described below are some of our earlier successes.

The claims in the action were that the restaurant, in violation of responsible alcoholic beverages procedures, over-served a customer who then drove his vehicle at a high rate of speed into an automobile driven and occupied by clients of Farrah and Farrah, killing two passengers and causing traumatic brain injury to the third. After extensive discovery the parties mediated and reached a confidential multi million dollar settlement.