Premises Liability

Premises Liability Lawsuits

Premises liability refers to a range of personal injury lawsuits that share a common theme, namely that the owner or a person in control of real property failed to adequately protect persons on the premises. Example of premises liability lawsuits are those involving building fires, criminal activities taking place in apartment and commercial buildings, as well as cases where people slip and fall on snow and ice. The firm has over twenty five years experience representing individuals injured and the estates of persons dying in apartment fires, gas station robberies and apartment building murders, as well as in the more traditional slip and fall actions. Below is a sampling of our premises liability cases.

  • Boston, MA Rape and Murder

The firm achieved a confidential settlement against an apartment complex owner and its management company on behalf of the survivors of a 34 year old wife and mother of three who was raped and murdered in her Boston apartment, on the theory that the owner and manager failed to take reasonable steps to protect her against the threat of harm from reasonably foreseeable criminal activity.

  • Allston, MA Apartment Fire

Albert Farrah represents the estate of Binland Lee, who died in a catastrophic fire at 87 Linden Street, Boston in 2013. That fire and the family's tragic loss were the centerpiece of a Boston Globe Spotlight Team series on the epedemic of overcrowding of student housing in Boston. To read more click here.

  • Melbourne Street, Dorchester, MA fire

Albert Farrah represented clients in two actions arising out of a fire in a Dorchester, MA three-family home, on the theory that the smoke detectors and fire alarm system were inadequate to warn tenants of the dangers of a fire in the building. On behalf of the estate of a baby who died in the fire he secured a $1.3 million settlement. On behalf of another tenant in the building he secured a confidential six-figure settlement.

  • Lawrence, MA Tenement Fires

Albert Farrah also represented the estates of persons who died in two separate fires in Lawrence, MA. Both cases settled prior to a jury verdict. Both settlements are confidential.

  • Lowell, MA Gas Station Robbery

The firm represented the estate of a gas station employee murdered during a robbery. The allegation was that the owner of the gas station failed to adequately protect this employee against the foreseeable consequences of working alone late at night in a high crime urban area. The case settled on confidential terms during trial.

  • Construction Accident

Albert Farrah represented a 16 year-old boy injured while working on a single-family home construction site when a concrete foundation wall fell upon him, breaking his leg. Suit was brought against various parties, including the property owner, the concrete supplier and the company that built a concrete wall. After mediation, the case settled for over $900,000.

  • Slip and Fall on Snow and Ice

Albert Farrah recently represented a 57-year-old man who slipped but did not fall on snow and ice while on the job delivering a package to a manufacturing facility. Plaintiff alleged that as a result of the failure of the landlord to properly maintain the premises he suffered a traction-pull injury and required two surgeries. After a full day of mediation, the case settled for a confidential amount.

  • Currently Pending Premises Liability Matters

The firm is currently representing the estate of a mother killed while sleeping in her Lawrence, MA apartment and the estate of a thirteen year old girl killed by an MBTA train in Lawrence, MA.