Partnership and Corporate Litigation

Offering Legal Services to Various Business Disputes

The firm has been involved in significant partnership and corporate disputes involving a variety of commercial enterprises including real estate development, restaurants, accounting firms, IT placement companies and construction businesses. Here are some representtive cases.

  • Resolution of Multi-Property Boston Commercial Real Estate Partnership Dispute

Albert Farrah represented a real estate developer in a dispute with his partners involving several Boston commercial real estate properties. After 17 days of testimony before a three-lawyer board of arbitrators, the action was settled on terms extremely favorable to his client. Confidentiality agreements prevent any further disclosure of this action or the terms of this settlement.

  • $1.7 Million Essex Superior Court Verdict In Family Real Property Dispute

After six days of trial an Essex Superior Court jury returned a $1.7 million verdict in favor of Albert Farrah's clients in a dispute involing inter family real estate partnerships and close corporations. Tarshi v. Tarshi, et al, Essex Superior Court.

  • Action to Enforce Partnership Between Construction Contractors

In this partnership dispute between brothers, Albert Farrah represented clients in claims of breach of fiduciary duty and conversion in the operation of a construction company. After a 10-day arbitration, his clients were awarded $470,000, which was subsequently confirmed by a Superior Court judge. Buonopane v. Buonopane, Middlesex Superior Court.

  • Defense of Claims Against Boston Convenience Store Developer

Albert Farrah represented the owner/developer of convenience stores in Boston’s South End and Government Center against three suits brought by his brothers claiming they were partners in both the business and real estate on which the businesses operated. All claims were ultimately abandoned. Fassil v. Fassil, Suffolk Superior Court.

  • Action for Accounting Firm Partnership Profits - Defense of $1 Million Counterclaim

Despite that his client made no effort to collect funds owed him by his former partner for over eight years, Albert Farrah secured an arbitration award of over $100,000 in a partnership dispute between certified public accountants. He also defended against a $1 million counterclaim brought against his client. No award was made in connection with the counterclaim. Hurley v. Martin, et al, American Arbitration Association.

  • Injunction Against Former Employees’ Competing Business

Albert Farrah represented a client specializing in the placement of IT professionals with major corporations against two former employees who, in violation of agreements not to compete and using confidential lists and information, formed a competing business. After limited discovery, a court ordered a two year injunction prohibiting the former employees from competing, thereby allowing the client to grow its business into one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind in the country. The Computer Merchant, Ltd. v. Zadeh, et al, Essex Superior Court.

  • Other Partnership Disputes

The firm has represented clients in other commercial real property partnership disputes involving properties in Boston, Charlestown, Hanover, Lawrence and Rockport, MA.